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Top 10 Japanese drama based on manga in 2021

  1. If you like Japanese live-action dramas, then you must not miss Mischievous Kiss. This drama was adapted from Itazura na Kiss (1996). The story is very romantic, where you see Kotoko and Naoki falling in love with each other. The story starts on a sad note where Naoki rejects Kotoko's proposal. But gradually, the story takes twists, and the love story ends on a happy note.
  2. In 2009, the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers became quite popular. And later, Hana Yori Dango was filmed based on the same plot. Makino Tsukushi, a middle-class lass, goes to an elite school and gets involved with the Flower Four. Fans like Hana Yori Dango due to its interesting storyline and fantastic dialogues.
  3. Hanazakari bo Kimitachi is another Japanese manga adopted from two manga series To The Beautiful You (2012) and Hanazakarino Kimitachie (2006). Unlike other webtoons, this story comes with plenty of unexpected twists and turns. Mizuki, a sweet girl, disguises herself as a boy and starts living with her idol Izumi Sano, a high jumper. The twist appears as her gender is revealed accidentally. However, with the help of Izumi, she manages the situation. No wonder you will enjoy watching this love story.
  4. The Playful Kiss is another popular drama. In this plot, you can see an unpopular shy lady, Oh Ha Ni, is in love with a popular, charming boy named Baek. If you want to know how the characters get involved in the romance, visit WebToon.To. We have prepared a list of Korean mangas for our readers.
  5. If you prefer live-action drama manga anime, you can watch Gal to Kyoryu by Moriko Mori. This is a funny anime series developed for kids—the story centers around a girl and her roomie, a cute dinosaur. You will enjoy the way they live their life together. You can read this comic on WebToon.To.
  6. Love Stage!! It is another manga that comes with an exciting plot. The story starts with a man Izumi, who prefers to be a mangaka without much talent. Due to the engaging plot, this young man's story glues the readers for a long time. Izumi's father is a singer, while his mother is an actress, and his brother is a vocalist. If you wish to know if Izumi becomes a mangaka or not, you need to go through this fantastic manga from the romantic comedy genre. For more such stories, please visit WebToon.To. You will get multiple online comics available on our site for free.
  7. If you prefer to watch thrilling anime and manga, then the story of Train To Busan will impress you. The plot develops as Seok Woo board a train to Busan with his daughter. Eventually, the journey is interrupted by zombie outbreaks.
  8. Do you like romance dramas? Then you can watch Meteor Garden. The story revolves around a young lady named Dong Shancai who gradually falls in love with her best friend, Huaze Lei. We know that most people like romance dramas more than live-action. If you are one of them, then you will like this anime.
  9. Orange Marmalade is another manga that appears with the story of a vampire. The complicated drama makes way to an enjoyable end, making it popular among young readers. If you love to read such comics online, please pay a visit to WebToon.To and filter your favorite genres.
  10. With a total of 19 volumes, Liar Game is another popular drama manga written by Shinobu Kaitani. The plot is a psychological survival game where the players can trick one another to win the prize. You can watch Liar Game anime and manga series for the outstanding distribution of characters and dialogues. If you visit our site, you can get many such online comics just for free.

Romance drama manga for readers

Cheese in The Trap is a romantic drama with high ratings. Fans prefer this anime as it comes with the story of a pretty college student who manages her personal and professional work properly. She also handles her love life with a manipulative man. We request you to pay a visit to our website to read some interesting anime and manga manhwa online. You can also follow us on social media to check regular updates.

Why do people love live-action mangas?

Mangakas illustrate the comics using fantastic cartoons, expressions, movements, and more. The perfectly drawn pictures are enough to drag the attention of multiple readers. Apart from that, there are funny signs that signify the feelings, expressions which are highly appreciable. All these things together uplift the standard of these online dramas preferred by plenty of readers irrespective of ages. If you want to read funny action manga, make sure to visit WebToon.To and select your genre. We are glad to serve you.

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We value our readers, and for that reason, our dedicated staff has collected popular manhwa comics for free. At WebToon.To you can read, Who Made me a Princess, What's Wrong With Secretary Kim, The Girl and The Geek, Misaeng: An Incomplete life, Daughter of The Emperor, and more.

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