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Top 10 dark fantasy manga that you should read

  1. Second Life Ranker: This is a spellbinding webtoon that comes with mystical plotlines. The story revolves around Yeon-woo, a man looking for his twin brother who lost 5 years back, leaving his wristwatch behind. This emotional story depicts the intense relationship between brothers.
  2. Tower of God: The Tower of God has a mysterious storyline. Bam is trapped inside a tower, but finally, he climbed up to the top to meet his childhood friend Rachel. Fans lobe this manga due to the mind games and its survival-type plot.
  3. Orange Marmalade: This is a pretty love story where a vampire falls for a human. In this webtoon, you can see both vampires and humans live together in a society. Though Jaemin doesn't like creatures of the night, he starts feeling for a vampire girl. The plot comes with several ups and downs. However, if you want to read more about such fantasies, please visit WebToon.To today.
  4. Noblesse: Do you want webtoons with high school themes? Then this manhwa will win your heart. This is a weird plot that tells you about a peculiar boy Rai. After sleeping for hundreds of years, Rai wakes up without knowing about today's world, ongoing systems, and culture. Afterward, he takes admission to a school and starts facing challenges.
  5. The Justice of Villanous Woman: Sola has fantastically depicted this comic's characters, while Min and Yun have illustrated it. This is a comic with royal incidents. Satiana Altisee Kaylon gives her best efforts to save her family from the enemies. Do you like isekai genres? Then you will like this plot. If you want to know how Satiana Altisee Kaylon earns the crown and becomes empress, visit WebToon.To today.
  6. Her Shim-Cheong: Do you like historical romance? Then you can read this manhwa fairy tale. Shim Cheong is a beggar who earns his livelihood and supports his blind father. He saves a bride-to-be, and gradually this couple falls for each other. If you want to read the best manhwa and anime in the world, visit WebToon.To today. We cover one of the popular dramas on our site. You can search by the names and start reading.
  7. Magician: This is a drama based on medieval settings concentrating on three different characters. In this manga, you get familiar with a young woman Iremy, Ethermask, and Enzu, who is eager to finish his father's killer. The perfect plot is a blending of fantasy, drama, and comedy. Due to our user-friendly settings, you can effortlessly read the 500 chapters of this manhwa. If you like such fantasies based on magic, let us know.
  8. Deceased's soul: Deceased's Soul by Jo Juhu is also known as Rest In Peace. Isaeng and Jeongto are two childhood friends born and brought up in different ambiance. Isaeng was raised in a funeral home, whereas Jeongto was raised in a hospital. Despite following best friend goals, they choose different pathways in life. One leads the souls to the afterlife, and the other tries to save lives. This is a story of a different level. Visit WebToon.To if you want to read such webtoons for free.
  9. Black Haze: If you like the black magic genres, you will surely like this comic. Black Haze by Yong Yong is a famous drama that depicts a young boy named Rood Chrishi, popularly known as a black magician. Later, Rood visits a school and finds something more interesting while protecting Dio, Duke's son. He makes way to hidden truth while investigating the significance of calling Dio a monster. To get more such comics, visit WebToon.To in no time.
  10. Tomb Raider King: The plot begins as a mysterious tomb started to appear around the globe. These tombs have some precious artifacts with relics within them. This magical power can make you superior while dominating others to be your slave. Next, you see the battle between the dubbed Tomb Raider and the ultimate Tomb Raider. Such fantasies are bliss to watch with anyone of your friends. Just visit our site and reading your favorite comics.

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