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If you like murder mystery stories, this is the place to be! Our list and mystery genres will leave you with more and more questions as you progress through them! You will ponder about the perpetrator's identity, what the truth is in a crime scene, and more!

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If you love the unknown as much as the answers to something otherworldly, then welcome to WebToon.To! Here we provide the best mystery mangas, which can fall into the psychological, sci-fi, serial killer, high school, ecchi, light novel, or a slice of life genres, among others!

If Police and detective stories are your thing, where either the father, doctor or policeman might be the real perpetrators in a story, then you will surely enjoy our mystery comics series! From titles such as MPD Psycho, by Eiji Otsuka and Shou Tajima, Pluto by Naoki Urasawa, or stories by Tsugumi Ohba, you can find everything here, including stories where a detective investigates a crime syndicate, only to be turned into a vampire or all his efforts are stopped by his own partner or boss.

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The list of a murder mystery or anime mystery genres is always updated at our site! All titles are free to be viewed by anyone, but with our community's help, by creating an account with your email, you can benefit from some good recommendations by mystery fans!

Titles such as Until your Bones Rot or Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna have many views. Explore Ayumu's journey as she faces the blade children! Enjoy stories where the new transfer student might not be what he seems at first! High school student stories often have great mystery manga plots, leading to a life and death game!

But who controls the game? Some mystery mangas are inspired by either a book, real-life experience, or pure fiction! Anime series that delves into mysterious plots usually has more views than mystery mangas, but the storyline is much better in the manga!

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As any fan would point out, a good mystery manga should leave you with questions and questions about what will happen in the next chapter, who is behind the unexpected cell phone call, why is everyone from town ignoring the latest crime? Who murdered that man or woman, and why? Manga is a great medium to tell mysterious stories due to their artwork and the visual liberty.

We post manga series regularly on our website with bizarre characters and plots that will leave you with more questions than answers! In the world of mystery manga, no one can deny that romance seems to be a big part of many series.

At WebToon.To, we provide mystery romance mangas and anime from authors with a well-known name and others who are rising day by day! No matter what channels you followed and how many series, there is always a handful of new titles out there every day, and our efforts to separate the good from the bad will always show in our manga series, which we post regularly on our site! However, it's not just manga and anime, but all sorts of Asian comics!

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If you want something more than mysterious manga titles, we also provide mystery manhua, manhwa, and other sorts of webtoons. If you want to search for a particular manga, maybe even the ones which aren't that well known, write the name on our search bar, or if you have any questions about a series, post a comment, and you will find the answer to your questions.

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