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If you like romance webtoons, you have come to the right place! We constantly provide our readers with the latest romance titles, but we also include classic titles or obscure ones that wait to be read by the right person! Our team always selects the best romance stories on the market!

Some stories depict a high school student, either an ordinary one or a popular one, like the captain of the basketball team; others take place in more serious enterprises, such as in-office settings and such. However, we all know that the best love stories occur during our high school life, and if this is what you want to read, we have plenty of titles!

For instance, Erika Shinohara, the main character of the Shinohara Erika, a lying high school girl who ends up in trouble for it! She tells her friends about her new boyfriend and displays a picture of him. It turns out this boy is actually part of her high school, and things escalate!

Horimiya is another popular manga, with one of its main characters, Izumi Miyamura, a high school student and a gloomy one! He is an anti-social character in the story and ends up being bullied for it.

One day, a girl befriends him slowly, but he is still distant. As the plot progresses, Izumi undergoes changes, realizing his feelings for her, falls in love, takes a more active stance. Both characters beautifully reveal their feelings and personality to one another, their secrets, and more! The anime version of this manga is short, at around 12 episodes, but it's worth a shot!

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If you enjoy romance manhwa, we provide such titles at our site as well! In fact, we provide romance comics from all around the world, no matter the author, and this includes Chinese romance manhwa, Korean romance manhua, and of course, Japanese romance manga and anime!

Romance stories are beautifully portrayed in comics, Korean romance webtoon, or Japanese anime since the love tales cover different realistic themes such as outcasts falling in love, a popular person with an ordinary one, and so on.

Some authors genuinely portray bits and pieces of their own love stories in these comics or anime, their heart is exposed, and their love tale is bought back to life again. If you've never read love manhwa stories, or manhua, at our site, you can find both, all rights reserved, and you can connect with other fans of this genre by creating an account with your email address.

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Enjoy the manga series such as Love Me, Love me Not - by author Io Sakisaka, or read the Last Game manga, where the main protagonist, Naoto Yanagi, is a boy coming from a rich family struggling to capture the attention of an ordinary girl and follows her from school to school.

Some tales begin with an unexpected cell phone message from an anonymous lover! Or perhaps you enjoy hentai romance mangas where the school janitor gets off with the most popular girl! At our site, you can find both mangas and anime for just about anyone!

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