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What is the best school life, manhwa?

Watashi ni XX Shinasai is perhaps the most popular high school manga among all the readers. You can read this romance manga if you like blackmail-turned romance plots. As this webtoon develops, we meet Yukina Himuro, an excellent cell phone novelist. Shigure Kitami a good-looking boy in the class who used to refuse girls who approached him. Gradually Yukina came to know about Shifure's diary, where he wrote and crossed out almost all the girls' names in the class. After knowing this fact, Yukina starts blackmailing Shigure, and eventually, both of them fall for each other.

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5 best romance school life manga

Multiple romantic webtoons engage the readers for hours. If you prefer reading online comics series, go through this amazing collection of manga volumes involving exciting plots.

Koe no Katachi

This is a famous manga with a marvelous plot. In this story, we meet Shoya Ishida and his deaf classmate Shoko Nishimiya. Shoko's friends often bullied her due to the odd nature. After Shoyo left, Shoya was alone, and both of them reconcile again after years. This emotional plot showcase that even deaf people have many things to say by silent expressions. This webtoon got so popular that later it was filmed and the name was "A Silent Voice."

Love com

Love Com is also known as Lovely Complex, is a romantic comedy preferred by young readers. Aya Nakahara is the mangaka of this plot with 17 tankōbon volumes. As the storyline develops, we see Atsushi Otani, a short boy, and Risa Koizumi, a tall girl. The plot involves comedy, fun, laughter, and readers greatly enjoy this school kids' unique love story. Through this manga, we came to know that height difference is an insignificant factor when it comes to true relationships. Do you love webtoon classics and wish to read them online for free? Then WebToon.To is right here for you. You can also share our content with your friends via social media platforms.

Ichigo 100%

As this webtoon develops, we can see Junpei Manaka, who wants to direct movies. One day Junpei met his dreamgirl on the school building's roof, but she left the place after dropping her notebook. After checking the notebook with a wonderfully crafted story, Junpei wanted her assistance in movie direction. However, from the notebook, he got the name Aya Toujo, but he wasn't sure if this was her name. All that Junpei remembered about her is the strawberry panty she was wearing. The twist arises when the school's beauty queen, Tsukasa Nishino, informs Junpei about her strawberry panties. However, you will enjoy this classic school life webtoon as the plot is all about finding the right girl after so many ups and downs. Consider our recommendations and visit Webtoon.To today.

Hibi chouchou

This is a fantastic Japanese shoujo slice of life webtoon with high ratings. In this series, you meet a lovely high school student, Suiren, who is calm and shy. She becomes the center of attention of the class as she enters the school. Will Suiren fall in love with the protagonist? If you love romance manga, then you can read this webtoon for sure. Just visit our site, select the romance genre, and start reading your favorite comic. However, we have collected a vast collection of mangas for our fans.

Angel Sanctuary

Angel Sanctuary is a wonderful anime that most readers prefer. Kaori Yuki is the mangaka of this emotional anime full of challenges. The plot is delightful as it displays the intimacy between sister Sara and Setsuna Mudo. You can trust our recommendations and share this interesting webtoon with everyone. If you want to go through more such mangas, pay a visit to WebToon.To.

What should you read romantic school life manga?

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How to pick the best school life manga?

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