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Many anime are manga-based, and often crucial aspects don't make it to the animated version. At our site, you can view both the manga and the anime version uncensored, colored, and English subtitled! Enjoy even classic titles such as Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba, where a man named Light Yagami discovers a notebook that can deliver death to anyone if he writes their name.

You also have titles such as Black Butler, where the daemon butler Sebastian and the young boy Ciel, from the Phantomhive family, help each other out and go through some interesting spin-off events. Soul Eater is another great supernatural manga/anime where students learn how to fight with spirits at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. When you see spirits, you are bound for action drama and interesting life events, which are beautifully portrayed in this anime, but it gets even better in the manga!

Inuyasha is another classic supernatural anime written by Rumiko Takahashi. A fantasy world where no one is safe, but here the spin-off, one of the daemons actually fights against his family, spices up the whole plot. If you like vampires, then the Vampire Knight series is also available at our site! Explore this full-packed action-adventure anime/manga, filled with vampire lore, and traverse its world following Yuki Cross, the series's main protagonist.

Though the anime/manga has some comedy relief moments, the girl will face hard situations where her life could be ended in one shot. This is not the only vampire manga, but we wish to point out that we have both popular and new emerging manga on our site. Another great manga to read on our website is Blue Exorcist. It follows Rin's story and his twin brother Yukio, raised by a known exorcist to combat Satan! Their mother and father were murdered. Will their family survive? There is only one way to find out!

Bungo Stray Dogs is another great anime that you can view or read manga at our site. Stray Dogs is a mix of drama, mystery, and supernatural elements which will glue you to your screen! Natsume Yuujinchou - Natsume's Book of Friends is another supernatural anime/manga worth watching! To have feelings for a girl is a thing most people will keep a secret, but to see spirits? Can anyone go to school, enjoy life as it was before?

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Suppose you are interested in supernatural romance manga or anime, WebToon.To can be your prime source of finding exactly what you are looking for! All our genres are constantly updated with the newest titles from the world, and you can even find classics such as those created by author Yuki Midorikawa and more!

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Enjoy titles such as Berserker if you enjoy revenge comics! One day, an alone boy named Guts enters the Hawks' mercenary band and encounters Griffith and Casca. He slowly falls in love with Casca, but as in life, things don't always go as they should.

An unexpected supernatural event unfolds, and the man known as Griffith becomes a daemon, his body transforming into a winged creature. All his former comrades are murdered except for a handful of them, including Casca and Guts. Casca, though, lost her mind, and Guts tries to find a remedy.

Though Berserker is more action-oriented, this love story is nevertheless one of the best in any supernatural manga. It is quite deep, mature, slow-paced, and filled with unexpected spin-off elements. The anime version portrays this story beautifully, but when compared to the manga, the anime pales in comparison. Will Guts receive the necessary help to heal Casca? Find out by reading the comic at WebToon.To!

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At WebToon.To, we provide all types of supernatural comics from different genres intended for specific audiences, such as yaoi or yuri. You can read supernatural tiles intended for men or women, yaoi, or yuri titles, which often involve romance stories, vampire love, or other types of unnatural events that make the plot great!

Romance stories take on a new color when a high school student suddenly develops fantasy skills, and abilities and comedy can also be spiced up with these elements if that is your thing. Most likely, you will fall in love with our vampire yaoi manga titles, where all is possible!

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