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Our series of thriller webtoon, manga, anime, manhua, or manhwa is free for anyone to watch online! These titles are uncensored, colored, and English subtitled, while all chapters are always updated on our site.

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Please browse through our pages and discover endless horror, psychological, thriller manga, manhua, manhwa, even webtoons, and anime! If you look for a certain manga, use our search bar and find it by name.

Read famous titles such as Promised Neverland, where a couple of orphans are raised in a seemingly healthy environment, filled with everything they need, but one day they realize that they are raised to be sacrificed to daemons. The Promised Neverland is a horror manga that comes in 20 volumes which can be viewed at our site.

Another great psychological thriller manga is Gyo, by Junji Ito, probably the father of horror manga. Gyo is an interesting title as it explores deathly fish with legs and crawls up on the surface, leading to some unexpected spin-offs, similar to a zombie apocalypse. A book or movie definitely needs to be made about this manga!

If you like high school horror manga or high school psychological thriller titles, use our search bar and select the genres; you will surely find something that will entice your senses! We even have gender switch titles, where life takes on a whole different turn for characters, and things unfold unpredictably.

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At our site, you can find some of the best thriller anime out there! Enjoy titles such as Ergo Proxy, a slow-building thriller anime with many mystery elements and a story that unfolds step by step and implements many psychological and philosophical themes.

The story starts in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity lives in dome-like structures. Vincent is the primary protagonist of the series, and he fights god-like creatures named proxy. The predicament Vincent finds himself in is that he suffers from a sort of amnesia, which adds to the mystery vibe of the show. In his journey, he is aided by women, a small robot girl, and a woman named Real, who looks like the singer from the rock band Evanescence.

Fans of dark anime will love this series and fall in love with its macabre ambiance and action-packed storyline. It is known that anime are like movies, pailing in comparison with books or their manga counterparts; however, some anime shine despite their visual limitations and Ergo Proxy is one such title, an anime on a whole different level!

Monster by Naoki Urasawa is another anime that shines in the face of thriller/horror animes, with a detective vibe. Naoki Urasawa created a masterpiece, and fans of serial killer-themed stories will love its drama, horror elements, psychological, seinen, and mystery, which comprise the jewel known as Monster.

Highschool of the Dead is great for those who enjoy zombie world themes. It portrays the story of a boy named Takashi, a college student. He finds himself in a world with zombies without numbers and soon meets his childhood friend, a girl, and fights for survival! Other girls join his team, and they search for survivors. These girls are quite sexy and will keep the excitement level high, especially when the zombies tear off their clothes!

Parasyte is another gem of horror and psychological thriller, both in its anime and manga versions. This science-fiction horror manga will keep you on your toes, as you can't always tell who the enemy is. These classics yet popular anime and manga titles are all available at our site, but be sure to check the new ones as well!

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