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What is the Chinese version of Manga? Chinese Comics

There are many types of Asian comics worldwide, but perhaps the most popular on social media is the Japanese comic books, known as manga. The Chinese version of the manga is manhua. These comic books appeared as early as 1904.

Since the Japanese comic books known as manga spread throughout the world, the other types of comic books, manhua from China and manhwa from Korea, made their way to western audiences.

Some popular Chinese manhua is Feng Shen Ji II, Doupo Cangqiong - Tian Can Tu Dou, or Song of the Long March - Xia, Da, rights reserved.

What is the difference between manga and manhua?

The differences between manga and manhua are quite a few! As stated before, the manga is created mainly by Japanese authors, while manhua by Chinese authors. They are different in artwork and occasionally the reading method.

They focus on different storytelling trends, and they have different ways of publishing. For example, a Japanese manga may be published under Madara inc, and publish different mangas quite periodically, whereas, in China, a manhua is published in single-issue formats. When it comes to manhua vs. manhwa, things are quite similar, but manhwa is from South Korea, and characters tend to be more feminine.

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